Sanitary protocol

Discover Dijon’s Ethic Etapes – CRI sanitary reception protocol

With its vast interior spaces, Ethic Etapes Dijon has a reception area that allows it to largely respect the maximum occupancy protocol for spaces open to the public as specified in the “National Decontamination Protocol”. In addition, a rigorous sanitary protocol has been put in place to allow for a reception in excellent conditions of hygiene and fluidity of circulation

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Your reception

In order to receive you in the best conditions and to limit contacts at the reception desk:

  • Totem located at the entrance of the establishment allowing the distribution of hydro-alcoholic gel and information relating to the measures of distancing and sanitary protocol.
  • Marking on the ground of the physical distance of 1m around the reception.
  • Continuous ventilation of the reception area.
  • We favor contactless credit card payments.
  • We ask you to come with your pen.
  • Please note that the staff, reception 24 hours a day, is equipped with protective masks and that the reception is equipped with translucent panels to protect customers and employees during check-in and payment operations

Your stay

We ask you to strictly respect the barrier gestures and in particular :

  • To wear a mask in the common areas: reception, corridors…
  • To use hydro-alcoholic gel at the terminals provided for this purpose (entrance to the establishment, entrance to the cafeteria area).
  • To respect the minimum distance of 1 meter between each person.
  • To respect the markings on the ground reminding the physical distances.
  • Make sure you wash your hands regularly with soap, especially when you use the toilet.
  • To use as much as necessary the hydro-alcoholic solution dispensers placed at several strategic points: entrance to the establishment and entrance to the cafeteria.


Our sanitary protocol

Common areas

Certain services at Ethic Etapes Dijon have been adapted to take into account the circumstances and ensure the safety of all:

Meeting room

  • In accordance with the distance measures, the reservation service informs you of the capacity of each room according to the desired arrangement.
  • Tables and chairs are disinfected by our services after each use
  • A disinfectant spray is available on request at the reception desk
    For a specific use of the rooms (registration, various manipulations, etc.) the organizer of the meeting is asked to make arrangements in advance (e.g.: individual pens for the participants, gel, etc.).
  • During the breaks and at the end of each use of the room, the client is asked to air the meeting room


  • A totem dispenser of hydro-alcoholic solution is placed at the entrance to the service area.
  • Cutlery is carefully wrapped in a paper towel to avoid loose bins of cutlery.
  • Individual dishes (appetizer, cheese, dessert) are individually wrapped in film.
  • Protective films have been installed for hot dishes and the cafeteria cash register.
  • Tables and chairs are disinfected in the morning after breakfast

Coffee machine in the common area

  • Cleaning at least once a day of the selection buttons
  • Elevators: depending on their size, access is limited to 1 or 2 people simultaneously and cleaning of buttons (inside and outside on each level)


  • Disinfection of the contact areas during each passage of the cleaning teams.
  • In the collective rooms with bunk beds we ask you to prefer a head to toe option between the bottom and top beds.
    A disinfectant spray is available in the collective rooms
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